To make your custom sound waveform ring

14k white gold sound waveform custom wedding ring


Sakurako Shimizu is a New York based Japanese artist and designer. She is also a trained craftsman in jewelry making. Her work is mostly described as technologically based conceptual jewelry. She often works with playful visualizations of digital technology: sound waveforms, computer hardware or programming codes. 

Sakurako strive to make jewelry that delivers new visual and psychological experiences.

18K palladium white gold and 18K pink gold custom sound waveform wedding ring

Custom sound waveform jewelry

Her sound waveform jewelry series started in 2007. She have created many unique pieces representing sounds of a wedding vows, personal messages, heartbeats and various everyday sounds that surround us.

Her waveform jewelry was feature in many international magazines and design books as well as known blogs and website. 

She employs new technologies to keep improving the quality and expanding the design of her waveform jewelry. 

14K pink gold custom sound waveform wedding ring

I Do Wedding band

In 2008, she extended the project to custom made wedding bands with waveform of a couple’s own voices. “I do” offered a unique opportunity to own a timeless representation of your partner’s voice. Sakurako has been making custom wedding band and other form of jewelry to the people in the US and overseas.